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about air quality.
We all breathe, but we rarely think about or ever talk about the air we breathe. What really is in the air around us?

The Air Quality Egg Learning System

The air around us matters. It affects us in ways we can see, and also in ways we cannot see. With the Air Quality Egg learning system, everyone can easily conduct real scientific experiments using real-time air quality data that you, and others from around the world, collect and share. Help us to make the air we breathe more visible. Become a citizen scientist and join our 24/7 global science project.

Accurate Tracking

Choose the air contaminants you want to measure. We customize your Egg with the necessary sensors to track any changes and automatically upload your data to the cloud.

Real-Time Access

Access your air quality data as well as the robust data collected from all of the hundreds of other Eggs in three ways: through the web portal, the mobile app, or by connecting the Egg to a computer for manual download.

Analyze and Share

Simple interactive features make it easy to read, graph, and analyze the data. Create and share labs with other classrooms and schools.

Relevant, Real-Time Data Science.

Students of all ages can benefit from the Air Quality Egg. The possibilities are endless.


Fun and interactive

Quickly displays results

Everyone can participate


Easy-to-read graphs

Promotes creativity and teamwork

Sparks interest in the local environment


Connect with peers from around the world

Construct unique labs

Establish solid understanding of direct environmental impacts


Use as a research tool

Collaborate with colleagues

Prepare for a future in a data-centric society



“I just like learning about our world and what makes things how they are.”