What is the Egg?

A community-led air quality sensing network that gives people a way to participate in the conversation about air quality. It includes pollution sensors, a phone app and a web dashboard. Using the app, you can monitor your pollution levels. You can also follow other eggs, and compare them.

Monitor Pollutant Levels

Choose the pollutants you wish to track, realtime backlite LCD displays current readings or download published data from the cloud.

Phone App and Web Portal

Monitor, manage eggs and data collections from your phone as well as a convienent webpage.

Collect and Share Data

You can create aggregations of data from multiple eggs and share them with other Egg users, and search the world wide network off eggs and data.

Wifi Enabled

Configure the egg with the phone app and connect it to your wifi network then it will publish the data to our servers allowing you access to any historical data from your egg.

How it works

Joining the worldwide network of Eggs is easy. See your data, and compare it with other Eggs.

Set Up Your Egg

Use the Air Quality Egg app to configure the egg. Available in Google Play.

Gather Data

Place your Egg in the desired location and let it run, it automatically uploads data to the internet.

Analyze Your Data

View realtime readings, or analyse your data and compare it to other Eggs.

What are we measuring?

There is lots of stuff in the air, and we care about the air, so we want to know what we are breathing. we have many sensors to choose from, currently we have 5 models to choose from measureing a total of 7 different pollutants.

Carbon Monoxide

A potentially lethal, colorless, odorless gas.

Volatile Organic Compounds

Commonly knows as VOC's.

Carbon Dioxide

A key indoor tracer gas, high CO2 affects concentration and learning.

Sulfur Dioxide


Fine particulates, PM2.5

Nitrogen Dioxide

Graphical Analysis of Data

Collect and graph pollutants with integrated graphing, including:
- Dual Axis graphs
- Interactive data selection
- Zoom, pan.
- Built in screen capture to png
- Download data for more detailed analysis

World Wide Data Sharing

Take part in a global science experiment! See your data, and data from hundreds of other eggs around the world. Compare and graph their data against yours.

Powerful search and 'follow' features make it easy to find and remember interesting eggs.

Mobile App for Air Quality Egg

A full featured app allows you to see real time results for eggs direct from your phone. The app also makes it easy to set up and configure your own eggs.


Lots of special features only for educators, including:

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